Antonio’s Mom

“When they told me to get away from Antonio for an hour, I did it; when they told me to put it on the stroller for short distances, I did it; and when they told me not to give him milk if he didn’t eat the pasta, I did it. Yes, I did, because I felt I could rely on Seraphic.”

Giselda – Volunteer since 1992

“In order to be close to the boys, I learned to be silent inside me in order to be able to catch every signal and every expression that these creatures express. Being welcomed into the structure enriched me with new points of view and made me capable of a new way of relating to life. This is where I learned to love beyond what I could have hoped for. The Seraphic is simple to describe: hospitality, peaceful environment and – at the center of every care – young and defenseless children.”

Sandra – Occupational Therapist and Employee since November 2004

“Here we understand the value of life in all its forms and conditions: precious and unrepeatable changeable. Throughout the Seraphic you can breathe normality as a daily characteristic of living the community and for the community. Every professional or private moment is experienced and marked by initiatives, simple or complex gestures always oriented towards respect for the human relationship. This is a family, not a simple hospital. In order to be told, the Seraphic must not simply be visited, it must be lived.”

Miguel – Educator and Employee since June 2007

”Thanks to my work in the Serafico I learn the importance of “Being Present” every day. There is no need of many words or concepts when we relate to our kids but it is essential to “be there”: their bodies, their hands, their faces are a challenge to my body, to my touch, to my voice and my look. Life at the Serafico hides a secret: the greatness of small things. Life is played here in details, in small gestures and spaces, in almost imperceptible everyday moments. What distinguishes our work is to recognize in every life, even if silent and hidden, a Presence that needs to be wanted, listened to, cared for and supported. I wish that those who know the Serafico could say: this is where I have learned to live.”