Impresa Buona for Companies and Business

Initiative dedicated to companies and businesses.

Impresa Buona was developed to encourage companies who are close to the Institute and who share in its values and its mission to get involved on a more concrete level by investing in projects designed to give our kids the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.

A formula that provides for the formation of a unique and valuable partnership with the individual company by joining Impresa Buona – the company promises to develop and support one of the actual projects in the program with us.

This collaboration will be positive not only for the young residents of the Serafico Institute, but also for the partner companies as well.

Many, in fact, are the advantages and benefits with by which we express our appreciation for those who support us, through continuous recognition and opportunities for  visibility, which will have positive implications on the activity of the donor company.

Join us for a great new project. Become a “Buona Impresa” for the Serafico Institute.


Francesco’s beds

Francesco’s beds consist of 2 designated beds in the institute reserved for disadvantaged children, victims of grave conflicts such as war, or for those whose health system is unable to provide adequate care and assistance. A worthy project of concrete love, supported entirely by charitable contributions, inspired by Pope Francis during his last visit in 2013 to the Serafico Institute. There are many reports regarding specific cases of need, and three children from Kosovo and Iraq have already been transferred to the Institute and are currently receiving specialized care and assistance: many others are still waiting for this vital opportunity.

The horticultural therapy

The horticultural therapy program along with the sensory park allow for  our children and staff to come into contact with nature and to develop manual skills by working in the garden. The maintenance of the green area provides our children and young residents with valuable experiences designed to facilitate independence. The produce grown in the garden is prepared in our kitchen and served to each Serafico resident and makes up an important part of their personalized diet.  This is a health project that needs to be supported with specific contributions.


Every year we make it a goal to take our kids on holiday. Two weeks at the beach in the summer allows for our kids to be in direct contact with a different reality within the context of protected vacation. A venture which requires an extra commitment of the staff members who accompany them – in a 1:1 ratio – to discover the sea, and the beach along with many new sensations and experiences. Great strides are made in their rehabilitation process and, for our residents, the annual “summer vacation” is a dream made reality by the generosity of our benefactors.

Art Therapy

Thanks to art therapy, our residents can become aware of their reality, to recognize it and interpret it through various forms such as painting, sculpture, drawing, simple bricolage in order to express themselves. Through individual sessions or group programs, the individual is guided via interaction and communication in order to heighten his/her sensory awareness and allow that individual to come in contact with the world around him.  We need ongoing educational workshops with tools and qualified personnel, and every contribution is very important in order for this area to develop further.


In water obstacles decrease and barriers are lowered. Moving in weightlessness allows you to overcome anxieties and fears and to become more aware of your body. The residents are guided in small exercises and rehabilitation activities that stimulate and develop their senses, in addition to improve their mood and boost their confidence. The maintenance required to keep the pools functioning and the ongoing specialized training of personnel that is necessary requires considerable resources to make this intervention available to more residents.

How to join

A few simple steps are necessary to become an Impresa Buona


Choose the project that resonates your company’s philosophy and discover the benefits you can receive.


Make the donation by bank transfer specifying “Impresa Buona” in the reason for the transfer.


Contact us to get the benefits reserved by the “Impresa Buona” program

Wire Transfer Data:
IBAN: IT39 J030 6938 2710 0000 0072 191 | BIC code: BCITITMM
Addressed to: Istituto Serafico per sordomuti e ciechi

It is also possible to contribute via a donation of goods and services by contacting:
Stefano Malfatti | Communication and Fundraising Department of the Serafico Institute of Assisi
Email: | Tel. + 39-075812411

Companies that make a cash contribution can take advantage of the tax benefits provided by law and will receive a statement that can be used to take the tax deduction in the company’s annual returns.


The advantages of becoming an Impresa Buona.

A company that becomes an “Impresa Buona” will be beneficial not only for the residents of the Serafico Institute, but for itself as well. We have chosen to reciprocate the generosity of the companies that support us, in relation to the level of participation and the specific needs of the company.

Online visibility

Insertion of the company logo in the Partners section of the website ( and publicity on all our social media outlets.

Offline visibility

Press releases in all major local newspapers and publication in the Institute’s newsletter “Anch’io col Serafico“.

Partnership certificate

All participants will receive a certificate of membership to “Impresa Buona” to be exhibited in their respective companies.

Tax breaks (Italian tax system)

Italian tax deductions for charitable contributions less than € 30,000 are possible at 2% of the company’s net income, or no greater than 10% of the company’s total declared income (up to a maximum € 70,000 per year).

Invitation to events

Participation to events organized by the Institute where the company’s partnership with Serafico will be clearly visible and emphasized.

Good Company Logo

Custom banner creations and company logo use, both of which are most effective for online and offline business communications.

Book your event

Ability to organize corporate events (Team Building, Conventions, etc. …) within the Institute’s setting.

Solidarity gifts

Choose some of our kids’ creations for your company’s samples and freebies.


There are already several companies that have chosen to support us, you too can become part of the Impresa Buona.

Impresa Buona Day

The Serafico Institute’s initiative dedicated to companies.

Every Thursday the Serafico opens its doors to companies to discover the Institute and all the activities designed to allow severely disabled children the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Become an Impresa Buona!
You will do good for our kids, but you will benefit as well

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